Proposal for the Gathering

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    Proposal for the Gathering
    We propose a statewide gathering for a full day of Native youth leaders in July 2018 with approximately 200-500 participants. To be eligible for participation, youth will be asked to take the Gen-I Challenge to make change on both the state and national levels. Please find information below about the Gen-I initiative and the White House Tribal Youth Gathering (WHTYG) that has inspired our Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering. By leading this effort, the governor’s office will directly elevate the voice of Native youth and strengthen their role as advocates about the policies and decisions that impact their lives. It is also an opportunity for our state to build on the success of the national Gen-I initiative and inspire other state leaders to do the same.
    To organize this effort, the Governor’s Office will form an advisory council composed of a small and diverse group of delegates from tribal youth councils in the state. We will also involve strategic members of the administration who can coordinate across agencies, and other partners who can provide technical assistance and communications support. One such partner is the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) at the Aspen Institute, a core partner with the White House on the original Gen-I pledge and White House Tribal Youth Gathering. After the advisory council agrees on the goals, format, and logistics for the gathering, we will approach foundations and tribes to sponsor the event.
    With support, we can identify key officials across both the private and public sectors who can share information about their programs and how they can support Native youth. They can also participate in high-level dialogues with Native youth leaders, who can provide input to strengthen these programs and propose new solutions based on their experience in their communities.
    Key Areas to Address at Gathering:
    Health and Nutrition
    Juvenile justice
    Language and Cultural Revitalization
    Youth engagement



    this is really great Deanna.. thanks for adding me as a Mod. I’m excited for june now.



    July!! i meant.


    Awesome, Chilah! I’m a part of the Communications committee and am excited to keep you in the loop.


    Melissa Olson

    Hi All,

    Yes, I would like to find out what more I can do to help with the Juvenile Justice aspect of the gathering. Thanks for adding me as a Mod.




    Count me in!!

    Funding, venue, sponsors, speakers, topics.

    Is there a planning schedule?

    I know Rory Wakemup was talking about a similar event.


    Boozhoo All!

    Great to hear you all are interested in being engaged in this process. From what I know about the gathering, it will take place this summer sometime, not sure the dates. Vanessa Goodthunder is the coordinator for the event. So far, we have had our first meeting to plan this and we split into committees. I sent your names to Vanessa. I look forward to working on this project with you all!

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