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    Deanna StandingCloud - "@sallyfineday, I cannot think of anyone off the top of my head. What system are you using? Or what kind of website are you trying to build?"View
    Tiwahe Foundation
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    Melissa Olson - "I have some super exciting news to share! I am going to be joining TerraLuna Collaborative as an evaluator! That means I’m going to be starting down a new road in terms of work! I’m going to be working part time […]"View
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    Indian Education of Minneapolis
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    Linsey McMurrin - "“As an American Indian woman, I have always felt a great responsibility to my community in everything I do. My life experiences along with those of my family members have contributed to my understanding of how the […]"View
    Peacemaker Resources
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    Minneapolis American Indian Center
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    Missy Whiteman - "For all my creative Natives. Check out MN, sign up and create your own BIO page!"View
    Independent Indigenous Film & Media
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